Face Painting with Patterns

So … I’m out of country and that’s the main reason for the lack of updates. I really was planning on writing a different post but it’ll take longer to finish. That’s why I decided to update my blog wit this post instead.

For the past few months I experimented painting on different mediums. That includes paper cups, mugs, and my face! Because of the past few trips I wasn’t able to record a lot of videos, but I’m planning on shooting a new one with me painting my face.

Since it’s all for fun and to both experiment and develop my art skills I used cosmetics to paint patterns on my face. Some of the products I used aren’t pigmented enough for the kind of patterns I drew and the artistic effects I wanted to apply on my face.

Here are my latest attempts with the products I used:

I entered MAC’s competition with this image <3.

The one below is digitally designed using Adobe Photoshop:


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Cosmetics Winner!

Happy New Year everyone! ❤

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It’s my first time winning something in my life, lol. I was surprised to get mentioned by a blogger choosing me to receive a gift from Bourjois. It was super exciting! With social media nowadays, it’s much easier for you to connect with others and meet new people. So I always look forward to meet others in real life.

What I received from Bourjois is shown in the photo below:


When running errands I use the Velvet Matt Lipstick (#04 Peach Club) with contouring lip liner from Rimmel (#050 Tiramisu) which is a perfect combination I got to say. Sometimes I add another lip liner with a darker shade to give the lipstick a nice touch but it’s not necessary. I yet to try the other products, though. I already have a bunch of liners both colored and black so this has to wait a bit, lol.

Along with the cosmetics that I received, I went to an art store and bought new paints :D.


As usual … I constantly forget to buy a skin tone paint!

When I start drawing any fashion illustration, that’s when I remember that I need to start using skin tone paints. I don’t always like using different mediums on a single illustration. From my older drawings, I noticed that it’s better to draw the whole painting with acrylics then add details using other mediums (gel and copic markers). But if I use acrylics on an outfit then suddenly paint the skin with copics … the result is not as good. When the copic dries it makes the color looks pale. But when I paint with the acrylics, the colors are much brighter.

Along with the new paints, I bought sprays. One of them gives a sunflower effect while the other gives a melted chocolate effect. I tried the first and loved it but the second didn’t give a melted chocolate effect like I expected. I’ll try it one more time on a lighter color and watch the result.


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Organique Skincare Products

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Last time I purchased skin care products was from my last trip to Japan. I’ve been searching for organic products for my skin for it’s both sensitive and dry. Therefore not every product works for me.

Although I love certain brands like The Body Shop, but not all of its products works well for my skin. I used their Vitamin C products and absolutely loved them but after some time my skin became too dry. Maybe I misused their products or I applied too much on my face which caused my skin to dry. Otherwise I still go to their store and look around for any new product.

Aside from The Body Shop I love visiting Lush. I loved their hair products and still am using one of their conditioner. It makes my hair soft and smells good. Just now I remembered that I have to pay them a visit soon for I ran out of conditioner, hehehe.

The latest organic store I visited in Kuwait is Organique. Since last June I attempted visiting the store but didn’t know exactly where it was located. Around a week ago I saw a video post on their account showing how to go to it. The next day I was in their store checking out their products.

My only complaint about it is that their store is too small. It gets crowded easily. However, knowing the kind of products I was looking for made it easy to grab them and leave.

The first time I visited them I bought the following:


1. Argan Shine Hair Shampoo: It smells good and keeps the hair smooth.

2. Shea Butter Body Balm: This is the most wonderful body cream I ever bought! I have a dry skin so not every body cream keeps my body hydrated enough. But this is simply amazing. It hydrated my skin really well for almost two days. The body cream is thick and the texture of it seemed like a scrub or a mask. If you have a dry skin I truly recommend you use it.

3. Milky Sugar Peeling: This scrub is made from goat milk, shea butter, and lychee. Again it really is wonderful on the skin and smells good. For me I don’t use it every time I shower or bath because over-scrubbing the skin is not good.

Yesterday I went to the store again and bought the following:


1. Hydrating algae face mask and lightening/smoothing algae eye mask: I actually I didn’t try out those for I bought new moisturizer and tonic for my face. However, I’ll try to use the eye mask for I usually don’t apply anything in that area. I always hear people saying that you can’t really use cream or other products for the eyes but I yet to try out a product to get rid of the forming wrinkles.


2. Basic cleaner tonic: I don’t usually use tonic for my face but when I saw it in the store I thought of trying it out. Normally when I wash my face it dries out real quick. Yesterday after cleansing my face I used this tonic and it left my skin smooth and soft. Even without applying the moisturizer I already noticed the difference.

3. Ultra Hydrating cream (with Pumpkin): The smell of this cream reminded me of an old perfume by Ralph Lauren ( I think ) I had. Anyway, I have a combination skin so the seller recommended I purchase this. Before visiting their store I looked at their products on their website and I was determined to buy the gold cream. However, that was anti-aging cream so I went with this instead. The good thing about it is that it didn’t become oily and balanced my skin.

All in all, this store is my current favorite and they will be seeing my too often.


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