Seoul 2017

As they always say, there is a first time for everything. That’s exactly what came to my mind when I went to Seoul on October 2017. It was during my birthday too! What a coincidence, lol.

IMG_6280 IMG_6282

My family and I stayed there for three days and we resided at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square ( JW 메리어트 동대문 스퀘어 서울 ). Since we were there for a short visit, I had to get out my list of places I wanted to visit and went out from morning till the evening.


I was excited the most to see King Sejong’s ( 세종 ) monument and the Gyeongbokgung Palace ( 경복궁 ). I’ve been watching Historical Korean Dramas for years and for me to visit these historical places was really fun and amazing. I recorded as much as I could on Snapchat my whole visit but they’re gone already. I’m thinking of uploading a video on Youtube if possible. I really hope the quality will be good.

JW Mariotte Dongdaemun Square

The next places I love to visit in any country I travel to are the cafes. I do know Seoul has good cafes where you can enjoy your time sipping coffee and I was right about it. However, I noticed that coffee in Korea is not as strong as other places like Japan and even here in Kuwait. The first sip you feel the strong taste of coffee but then it’s almost gone. I read an article regarding places to visit in Korea and the author mentioned the same comment about coffee in Korea. So I’m not the only one who noticed it. If you love drinking light/medium coffee you’ll probably like their coffee. However, if you’re a heavy coffee drinker perhaps you won’t prefer it. But what’s interesting is the coffee flavors. I remembered tasting Sweet Potato Latte which was really delicious. The taste of sweet potato was really strong which I loved. Since my visit was during fall it’s no wonder they offer such a flavor.

The other place that I really enjoyed was the Bukchon Hanok Village ( 북촌한옥마을 ). I loved walking around the place and shopping. It’s a place that I recommend anyone visiting Seoul to check it out.

In a later post, I’ll mention the cafes I went to with some information and details on where you can find them.


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The Magnificent Suleymania Cami

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May 9th, 2017

It was a coincident, but a beautiful one.

While I was searching for the old books in the Grand Bazaar of Turkey, I visited the Suleymania Cami for the first time ever. It was a bit far from the Misri Bazaar that my parents and I were walking in but it was worth the visit.

I was always curious as to where the Magnificent Suleyman was buried and I saw it with my own eyes today.

The structure of the Cami (Masjid) was truly magnificent. Not only because of its size, but even the design and number of domes. It was so spacious on the inside as it is on the outside. We were fortunate enough to walk around the place with a beautiful breezy weather.


Within the Cami/Masjid was located Sultan Suleyman’s tomb. He was a great leader with great history full of achievements. Next to his tomb were Mihrima Sultan his daughter, Suleiman II and his brother Ahmed, Dilaşub Saliha Sultan, and Ayşe Sultan.

Since Hurrem Sultan (Sultan Suleyman’s wife) died before him, she wasn’t buried next to his tomb. Yet, they were all buried at the same Cami.


I’ve always been fascinated by the Ottoman Empire’s history and I read a lot about it. So watching the Sarays (Palaces) they ruled from, their tombs, and everything related to their history feels truly wonderful.

Note: I did cover up the whole journey in my Snapchat: Artistakw. You can watch the story before it disappears. Else, you lost a great chance to watch this beautiful Cami.

Here are some photos:


This was a quick post for you guys to have time to look at more photos in my Snapchat account. But you can also wait for a better coverup of this story in a future blog post.

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Over a Month

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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted a blog post!

A lot have been going around and my whole schedule got ruined almost every day. I was planning for a new online course but had to abandon the idea for the time being. I still am running around to get some errands done as well as work for my brand. I think it’s time for me to partner with others to help sustain the company else I’ll run out of energy, hehe.

Anyway, I’m still creating daily content for my social media accounts (personal and my brands: Artistakw) which kept me busy few hours of the day. Then comes the planning for how to spend the rest of the day.

Since January I had a restless schedule full of work and meetings. I’d love to discuss the details but I still think it’s too early for me to do that. All I can say is that I’m starting a new idea for a project with partners this time.

During that time I explored different coffee shops in Kuwait. I created a short list of the coffee shops I tried:



@Cafcafe: Located in Crystal Tower, Sharq



@Pick Yo: They have several branches but the one I went to is located in Lily Center, Shuwaikh.



Located in Crown Plaza, Farwaniya


@VOL1: Located in Sharq, Kuwait



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Eid 2016

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Yesterday was the first day of Eid!

We usually suffer from a change in our sleeping habit because of Ramadan, so most people sleep during the day and wake up late to start celebrating Eid.

Eid runs for three days. During that time, we usually gather, go out, and celebrate the end of Ramadan and the end of fasting. Those three days are like a prize for fasting a whole month :).


Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep at night. The good thing is unlike the past years, I had enough time to prepare before leaving my home. We usually gather at our grandparents’ houses and close relatives.

I left home at around 10 am headed towards my grandparents’ (my father’s) house. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic so my drive was smooth. I didn’t stay there for too long for I had to head for my second grandparents’ house (my mother’s side).

And since I could drink coffee, my sister and I headed to the nearest Starbucks. I had a regular latte. We stayed for a short while before returning home. Then we left again to have lunch in a restaurant called ‘Terrace Grill’. My eldest sister and I shared two dishes. Veal chops and grilled chicken with mac and cheese as a side order. The meal was absolutely delicious. From there I went back to my grandparents’ house and later went home to relax for the rest of the day.


Actually I didn’t relax completely for I still had few things to work on. I wrote a quick to-do list for my snapchat and instagram content. Also, I colored a sketch I finished few days back. I still don’t have confidence in my coloring skills which is why I tend to leave most of my sketches uncolored. This time I illustrated Bella Hadid in her red Versace dress. I did progress a little in coloring the dress but I need to work on the shading and highlights.


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Ramadan 2016

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Since returning from Japan I’ve been busy assembling, editing, and creating new designs. That, and there is the daily practice thing too. Days ago I looked at some of my old illustrations I did months ago and I was shocked! At that time I thought my illustrating style was really good and I was so proud of my work but looking at it now, I can’t help but laugh, lol.

Still, that didn’t demotivate me to quit. I’ve been practicing even more these days for I believe it’s time to develop my style even more now. I don’t always have the time to practice that much especially when it comes to painting, which is why I have my sketchbook and black markers with me almost all the time.

This helped me work anywhere I was and at any time. I don’t have to stay at my own studio to design or paint. I can easily do that anywhere.


Back to the present, I cannot believe that 10 days are already gone from the beginning of Ramadan! In this holy month, muslims from all over the world fast from dawn till sunset for a whole month. During Ramadan, the whole atmosphere differs from any other month.  Our meal differs a little, we were long dresses called ‘Dara’a’, and we gather more. There is around 20 more days till the end of Ramadan so I’ll talk about it even more in my next post(s). So far, I’ve been to several gatherings and as much as I’d like to take full photos of my outfit and makeup but I forget to do so. The night is too short and I actually don’t have a photographer around. Which is why I captured parts of my outfits.

For the latest gathering I work chevron peplum vest with black trousers and glittery shoes by Kurt Geiger. I bought top finger rings from Japan and I loved them.

For my makeup, I made a list of the products I used at that day:

Concealer: Jill Stuart, cream yellow #03

Foundation: I mixed Bobbi Brown, warm beige + Jill Stuart liquid foundation, nude #103

Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner from Heroine + Mint green eye pencil, #11.

Lipliner: Illamasqua, Severity.

Lipstick: First I applied Viva Glam Matte from Mac, then applied Dark Romance #177 from IsaDora.

Blusher: Cream cheek base from Laduree, #02.

Highlighter: Canmake, milky white #01.

I’m having another gathering tomorrow and I hope I’ll get to photograph myself this time. Take a look at my instagram feed for my latest illustrations and patterns.


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Where was I?

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It’s been a while!

I do apologize for not posting the past few weeks for I was having such a busy schedule. I had a lot going on at that time and I couldn’t concentrate enough to write a blog post.

Last month I went to Turkey for few days then came back to Kuwait. I stayed for few days then traveled to KSA!! My trip to Turkey wasn’t planned to be honest which is why my whole schedule got messed up. However, I’m glad I went for I bought new books on ‘Islamic Illumination’ which is also referred to as ‘Tezhip’.

Last year, I took a course on illumination which was the first course I ever took and I absolutely fell in love with that kind of art. Originally, I started my business using patterns which made it easier for me to create my own patterns. It was the technique that I needed to learn the most. Since I haven’t practiced that much I now need to practice both drawing patterns and painting them. I won’t rush myself because it’s not my main specialization.



Those are some of the latest patterns I created. I have a lot more designed but I have to search for them, hehehe. I had to clean up my desktop a little to leave space so I moved my designs to another hard disk. So wait for my next post where I’ll share my designs with you <3.

The Indian Heritage

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Last week, I went to the ‘Indian Heritage’ store. It’s an Indian textile store full of preppy textiles and fabric. I love going there and walking around the store staring at the wonderful fabrics.

As you can see in the photos they showcase their fabrics in different ways including cushions and sofas.


The store has two stories. The first one has fabrics and designed clothes while the second has some furniture and fabrics for curtains and furniture.

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