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In these online courses, you will learn how to draw and paint fashion figures …

What will you study?

Fashion Figure

If you’re unfamiliar with drawing a fashion figure, this is the first step we’ll go through in this online course. It’s important to familiarize you with the basics of drawing a fashion figure.


You will learn what materials I use to create my own fashion drawings. That includes the pencil I use to draw with.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is all about creativity. Sometimes it’s not about defining exactly what’s the design but imitate the result. This will help you do quick illustrations in the future rather than pay too much attention to details.


In this last step in all courses, we paint our fashion drawing. You can use your own materials especially the ones you’re most comfortable using. And you can watch my online course to know what painting mediums I use.

Fashion art

Fashion Art Online Course (Beginner’s Level)

Fashion art starts with knowing how to draw a fashion figure. Learning a basic anatomy will improve your drawing skills.


You can access the online course:

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