Would you like to draw a fashion figure?

Would like to design your own clothes/collection?

It’s all possible! 


There are few steps that you follow and you will be ready to work on your fashion collection, however, it’s all easy said. All steps require commitment, patience, and practice. It’s normal for you to struggle at the beginning but with practice it’ll be simpler.


Organizing your thoughts and knowing your goal is extremely important. Are you a hobbyist? or do you have a fashion business?

This is the very first question you need to answer to know how you’ll approach this matter. Being a hobbyist, you don’t need to take care of details that much and you can creatively draw your figures and clothes your own way (even if your drawings are unrealistic), however, it’s not the same for fashion business owners.


Surround yourself with the right materials. You don’t need to have every single color, paint, or marker but rather start with what you have right now. Then, gradually fetch for other tools that will help boost your drawing style.



It’s important to start with your own style. Learn the basics of fashion figure drawing but try to develop your own drawing/painting style. It’ll take time for you to be able to do that but never give up!


Find a fashion drawing teacher to guide you through the whole process. Whether it’s for your fashion collection, or your drawings, it does help to have a teacher who will help correct and guide you towards doing a better performance.


Studying about fashion is a plus. Learning about existing fabrics and how to draw them, as well as which design goes for which fabric are important details to keep in mind especially for fashion business owners.

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