Online Courses taught

in English and Arabic

The available online courses are taught mostly in English and Arabic languages. There are 3 courses available so far and will be updated regularly. Also, there will be future lives so kindly check this page for more updates.

What will you study?


You will learn how to draw motifs steps by step. We will use simple florals and leaves so that you can focus more on the fundamentals rather than the details.


Special materials are used in this classic art. Although illuminations use gouache, but the gold is specially made for this art. You’ll know more about them when you register for any of the courses.


Starting with motifs drawing, we will gradually design our pattern. Again, we do it step by step. Here you will use tracing paper and the lighter weight the paper the better. Why? You’ll better understand during the course.


Painting materials are different than the drawing materials. In this step, we grow through steps until we fully finish painting our design.

You can access the online courses below:

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