Fashion Illustrations

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Although it wasn’t planned but I find myself drawing fashion illustrations daily. I first started this kind of illustration last year but at the beginning I used to illustrate my outfits. Then I moved to illustrating fashion and haute couture dresses. I’m having tons of fun searching for inspiration and… Continue reading Fashion Illustrations

The Indian Heritage

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last week, I went to the ‘Indian Heritage’ store. It’s an Indian textile store full of preppy textiles and fabric. I love going there and walking around the store staring at the wonderful fabrics. As you can see in the photos they showcase their fabrics in different ways including cushions… Continue reading The Indian Heritage

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week I worked less on fashion illustrations and I’m absolutely not happy about this at all T__T. It’s true I’m getting better at managing my time but sometimes things don’t go my way. So, I decided to practice more fashion sketches and illustrations and get better at drawing body… Continue reading