LeMoji – Cute Emojis Set

The past two weeks I was working on creating a cute set of Emojis for an app called ‘MojiLala’. I received an invitation from the latter and liked the idea of using my digital painting techniques in creating those emojis. Coming up with characters wasn’t a problem for me. It’s just that I wasn’t too familiar with creating a small emoji. So, following up their guidelines I was able to design a set of 10 different emojis featuring a ‘lemon’ character. Hence the name ‘LeMoji’.


You can visit their website for more information and download their app where you can purchase this set and use them for your messages.

Also, you can read the full article on designing the Emojis in Artista’s blog: http://bitly.com/2c20joQ


Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw