Fashion Illustration:

I took an online course on how to draw fashion creatively with Ioana Avram. That’s how I knew how to draw fashion figures.

However, for practicing painting fashion illustrations, Vogue’s website helped me a lot: Fashion Shows

Books on fashion drawing:

  • Fashion Portfolio: design and presentation by Anna Kiper.
  • Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and technique by Anna Kiper.

Ottoman patterns:

Aside from my visits to Turkey, I constantly read the following books to learn more about designing  Ottoman patterns:

  • Tezhip by Hacer Sönmez 
  • Turk Tezyini Sanatlarinda Desen Tasarımı Çizim Tekniği Ve Çeşitleri by İnci A. Birol
  • Rumi Cizim ve Teknikleri by Sabiha Bayhan Koç
  • Turkish Motifs by Cahide Keskiner
  • Islamic Art of Illumination by Sema Onat
  • Turk Sanatinda Desen ve Kurgu by Prof. İlhan Özkeçeci 
  • Turkish Tiles by Özlem İnay Erten and Oğuz Erten
  • Türk Tezyini Sanatlarinda Motifler (Motifs in Turkish Decorative Arts) by Dr. İnci A. Birol and Prof. Dr. Çiçek Derman

Also, I took a ‘Tezhip or Gilding’ course with Dilara Yarci. And I’m currently studying with another teacher named ‘Sifa Toptas’.

Other books on Patterns and Islamic Art:

Lettering, Typography, and Calligraphy:

I find SeanWes website very informative when it comes to lettering and typography. I get inspired by his style a lot so it’s a good start for anyone wanting to learn about this art.

To read more regarding this category, you can find the information on Artista’s blog: Blog

Geometry and Islamic Art:

Eric Brough published several books on Geometric patterns which I find very good source for understanding this art. He also offers an online class on Udemy which you can find here:

Online Course


  • Islamic Design by Daud Sutton
  • Ruler and Compass by Andrew Sutton

Music on Youtube:

I use Royalty free music from the following website for my videos:


Lastly, my travels with my family have inspired me a lot and I was presented with different landscapes and cultures. That had a huge impact on my life and my career. I was able to take many photos that I still use to this day.


This page will be constantly updated  whenever I find useful resources.

Last update: November 11, 2019.


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