Create your surface pattern designs

Create your surface pattern designs using digital softwares. There are several ways to approach designing your own surface pattern designs using any software you prefer.

What will you study?


There are more softwares to use now than before! If you feel comfortable using one particular software, it’s amazing! And if you would like to know how to use other softwares to create a surface pattern design, check this page regularly for our future online courses.


Whether digitally or using a pencil, you will learn how to draw motifs before attempting to design the full pattern.


If you’re designing a collection full of digital patterns, them working with a specific theme is the way to do it. This will help you organize your workspace more, and have a focused vision for the entire collection.


The last step will be designing your pattern. You will gather your drawings, motifs, and all elements you want to include in your pattern design. This is also the most interesting part where you put together your work, choose your colors, and finalize your designs.

Digital Surface Pattern Design Course (FREE)

This is a mini free course teaching you how to design the pattern shown in the photo on your left side.

There is a digital guide that goes along with it so that you can follow the designing steps and make it easy for you to understand how to design this digital pattern.

Digital Surface Pattern Design Course (SOON)

In this course, you’ll learn how to draw your motifs and design a full digital surface pattern using more than one digital software.

In this full course, you will receive digital downloads which you can use during and after the course to learn more about pattern designing. And it’ll help you design your own collection too!


If you would like to access the available online courses:

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