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Today’s blog post is more interesting this time. For a while I was constantly thinking about publishing this post but wanted to focus more on the content and make sure everything is as planned. So here it is and enjoy reading.

Designed apparel

Since late 2016 I decided to design my own clothes. The idea was there but I didn’t feel I was ready to start producing my own designed clothes! A lot of questions popped up in my mind like ‘what kind of fabric will I use?’ ‘Will this design really work?’ … etc. But when I took the first step I found it to be easier than I thought before. The first step can always be the hardest but it’s worth it in the end.

Being precise in exactly what I wanted to design makes everything easier than adding too little details. In the past, I used to draw a first sketch and leave the drawing as it was. With time, I learned to add as many details and notes to make the whole drawing pop up more.

Baby Pink

My very first designed clothes was a baby pink jacket with a belt. Since the fabric is thick it’s suitable for fall/winter. Kuwait’s weather is hot so wearing it even in Spring is not a very good idea.

Patterned Short Dress

Last year I partnered with a new brand called ‘Estilo’. Estilo is a textile design company that is specialized in designing patterns and producing fabrics (premade and customized). So what I did was that I designed this short dress using one of Estilo’s fabric which turned beautiful.

Maroon Dress


This dress is a little bit different. It was designed similar to the patterned short dress you saw above but with twists, different fabric, and different hem.

Wide Black Pants ( Skirt Pant )


Rather than designing the regular stick pants I wanted to go with a wide legged pants instead. Since I’m petit I don’t always find suitable wide pants for me so I decided to produce my own for my size. It looks amazing and suits my body a lot.

Designed Jewelry


The other category I worked on the past months was jewelry design. This is all part of opening my mind to new opportunities. Designing jewelry differs from designing clothes or merely sketching a light sketch. Producing jewelry is a little bit complicated and you have to be as precise when drawing the necklace or ring you want to produce.

Since this is a personal project, I decided to produce my own name. Whenever I wear it I feel that it gives a special vibe to me.

If you would like to custom-order a necklace or a dress kindly contact me:

Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Twitter:  Anwaar_saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

Over a Month

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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted a blog post!

A lot have been going around and my whole schedule got ruined almost every day. I was planning for a new online course but had to abandon the idea for the time being. I still am running around to get some errands done as well as work for my brand. I think it’s time for me to partner with others to help sustain the company else I’ll run out of energy, hehe.

Anyway, I’m still creating daily content for my social media accounts (personal and my brands: Artistakw) which kept me busy few hours of the day. Then comes the planning for how to spend the rest of the day.

Since January I had a restless schedule full of work and meetings. I’d love to discuss the details but I still think it’s too early for me to do that. All I can say is that I’m starting a new idea for a project with partners this time.

During that time I explored different coffee shops in Kuwait. I created a short list of the coffee shops I tried:



@Cafcafe: Located in Crystal Tower, Sharq



@Pick Yo: They have several branches but the one I went to is located in Lily Center, Shuwaikh.



Located in Crown Plaza, Farwaniya


@VOL1: Located in Sharq, Kuwait



Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

Organique Skincare Products

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Last time I purchased skin care products was from my last trip to Japan. I’ve been searching for organic products for my skin for it’s both sensitive and dry. Therefore not every product works for me.

Although I love certain brands like The Body Shop, but not all of its products works well for my skin. I used their Vitamin C products and absolutely loved them but after some time my skin became too dry. Maybe I misused their products or I applied too much on my face which caused my skin to dry. Otherwise I still go to their store and look around for any new product.

Aside from The Body Shop I love visiting Lush. I loved their hair products and still am using one of their conditioner. It makes my hair soft and smells good. Just now I remembered that I have to pay them a visit soon for I ran out of conditioner, hehehe.

The latest organic store I visited in Kuwait is Organique. Since last June I attempted visiting the store but didn’t know exactly where it was located. Around a week ago I saw a video post on their account showing how to go to it. The next day I was in their store checking out their products.

My only complaint about it is that their store is too small. It gets crowded easily. However, knowing the kind of products I was looking for made it easy to grab them and leave.

The first time I visited them I bought the following:


1. Argan Shine Hair Shampoo: It smells good and keeps the hair smooth.

2. Shea Butter Body Balm: This is the most wonderful body cream I ever bought! I have a dry skin so not every body cream keeps my body hydrated enough. But this is simply amazing. It hydrated my skin really well for almost two days. The body cream is thick and the texture of it seemed like a scrub or a mask. If you have a dry skin I truly recommend you use it.

3. Milky Sugar Peeling: This scrub is made from goat milk, shea butter, and lychee. Again it really is wonderful on the skin and smells good. For me I don’t use it every time I shower or bath because over-scrubbing the skin is not good.

Yesterday I went to the store again and bought the following:


1. Hydrating algae face mask and lightening/smoothing algae eye mask: I actually I didn’t try out those for I bought new moisturizer and tonic for my face. However, I’ll try to use the eye mask for I usually don’t apply anything in that area. I always hear people saying that you can’t really use cream or other products for the eyes but I yet to try out a product to get rid of the forming wrinkles.


2. Basic cleaner tonic: I don’t usually use tonic for my face but when I saw it in the store I thought of trying it out. Normally when I wash my face it dries out real quick. Yesterday after cleansing my face I used this tonic and it left my skin smooth and soft. Even without applying the moisturizer I already noticed the difference.

3. Ultra Hydrating cream (with Pumpkin): The smell of this cream reminded me of an old perfume by Ralph Lauren ( I think ) I had. Anyway, I have a combination skin so the seller recommended I purchase this. Before visiting their store I looked at their products on their website and I was determined to buy the gold cream. However, that was anti-aging cream so I went with this instead. The good thing about it is that it didn’t become oily and balanced my skin.

All in all, this store is my current favorite and they will be seeing my too often.


Instagram: anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

Ramadan 2016

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Since returning from Japan I’ve been busy assembling, editing, and creating new designs. That, and there is the daily practice thing too. Days ago I looked at some of my old illustrations I did months ago and I was shocked! At that time I thought my illustrating style was really good and I was so proud of my work but looking at it now, I can’t help but laugh, lol.

Still, that didn’t demotivate me to quit. I’ve been practicing even more these days for I believe it’s time to develop my style even more now. I don’t always have the time to practice that much especially when it comes to painting, which is why I have my sketchbook and black markers with me almost all the time.

This helped me work anywhere I was and at any time. I don’t have to stay at my own studio to design or paint. I can easily do that anywhere.


Back to the present, I cannot believe that 10 days are already gone from the beginning of Ramadan! In this holy month, muslims from all over the world fast from dawn till sunset for a whole month. During Ramadan, the whole atmosphere differs from any other month.  Our meal differs a little, we were long dresses called ‘Dara’a’, and we gather more. There is around 20 more days till the end of Ramadan so I’ll talk about it even more in my next post(s). So far, I’ve been to several gatherings and as much as I’d like to take full photos of my outfit and makeup but I forget to do so. The night is too short and I actually don’t have a photographer around. Which is why I captured parts of my outfits.

For the latest gathering I work chevron peplum vest with black trousers and glittery shoes by Kurt Geiger. I bought top finger rings from Japan and I loved them.

For my makeup, I made a list of the products I used at that day:

Concealer: Jill Stuart, cream yellow #03

Foundation: I mixed Bobbi Brown, warm beige + Jill Stuart liquid foundation, nude #103

Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner from Heroine + Mint green eye pencil, #11.

Lipliner: Illamasqua, Severity.

Lipstick: First I applied Viva Glam Matte from Mac, then applied Dark Romance #177 from IsaDora.

Blusher: Cream cheek base from Laduree, #02.

Highlighter: Canmake, milky white #01.

I’m having another gathering tomorrow and I hope I’ll get to photograph myself this time. Take a look at my instagram feed for my latest illustrations and patterns.


Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw


The Indian Heritage

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Last week, I went to the ‘Indian Heritage’ store. It’s an Indian textile store full of preppy textiles and fabric. I love going there and walking around the store staring at the wonderful fabrics.

As you can see in the photos they showcase their fabrics in different ways including cushions and sofas.


The store has two stories. The first one has fabrics and designed clothes while the second has some furniture and fabrics for curtains and furniture.

Day at Office

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My usual day at office goes like this …

artistamorning2.pngBring in my laptop and notebooks, sit on my chair, and brainstorm while having my cup of coffee from caribou. Lately, I get lazy carrying all of my stuff every time I go to the office so I only carry my journal and a pen or pencil.


A lot went in the past few months and I didn’t visit my office as much as I used to. So, during that time until now I’ve been working at home to get as much of my work done as I could instead of waiting when I am able to head to the office.

It’s unfortunate since the office gives a perfect mood to work instead of working from home. But let’s hope that my circumstances get better for me to work as I used to.


My usual work includes organizing my ideas, analyzing my business until this point, and create new designs and solutions. As much as I enjoy doing all of this alone, but it’s tiring. That’s why I tend to lessen the work and limit my working hours to be able to concentrate again.

The best thing is that I love designing and I believe that all the effort I’m putting since the beginning will pay off one day.

My Visit to Lush

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I went to ‘Lush’ last week to try out their hair products. It’s not my first time visiting them but it’s been a while.


I have high fascination over organic products. So I did a little research before visiting ‘Lush’. I went over to their website and looked at the list of products they offer. It was totally amazing!


If I hadn’t do that research part I wouldn’t have bought anything. When I have wide selections to choose from without having any idea what to choose, I always end up not buying anything.

So far I truly like their products and I like their smell too!

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