Beauty and Patterns

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Around a week ago, I came up with an interesting idea. I wanted to display patterns on a different surface than papers so I thought of …. drawing them on my face!

Yep, I truly did it.

But there were few mistakes I did that I will definitely avoid the next time I try this method. So one mistake I noticed was that the pattern I drew was small. Therefore the details weren’t so visible. Otherwise I did a great job drawing a clear pattern near my eyes. And I felt that I executed the idea in a good way.

The second mistake was probably me using a pencil eye color instead of liquid eye liner. Even when I apply my eyeliner if I want to draw a thin clean and detailed eyeliner I use liquid eyeliner. But if I wanted a thicker and more visible eyeliner I use pencil/gel eyeliner.

But all in all I was happy looking at the original patterns I drew. However, I did one major editing before posting the picture on instagram. I opened up Photoshop and editing the pattern digitally. The whole idea behind it was displaying a high quality looking pattern instead of hand-drawn one. So I had to edit the original image to get the result I was looking for.


I posted a video on the process of editing the image on top. You can watch it on Youtube here:

Or in my personal instagram: Anwaar.Saleh

Which brings me to my new purchased items.


I searched some cosmetic brands for glitter and I didn’t find what I was looking for. That led me to ‘Make Up Forever’ where I found everything I wanted and more! I ended up buying two glitters, a powder and a cream eye color. I’m still testing one of the glitters to see which lipsticks works well with it. And I’ll definitely share the results and perhaps review them for you later.

Around a week ago I saw the announcement of Illamasqua’s new sketch sticks and I got excited about them. I went to Harvery Nichols in Kuwait few days ago and they told me the collection still didn’t arrive. I got disappointed. So I went today as well, and I found them displayed. I loved the new colors. They have summer vibes and are too preppy! I love colors so they’re my current favorite eye pencils. Sad to say I ran out of makeup removal wipes so I couldn’t apply them for you to see. I’ll do that in a later post.


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Eid 2016

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Yesterday was the first day of Eid!

We usually suffer from a change in our sleeping habit because of Ramadan, so most people sleep during the day and wake up late to start celebrating Eid.

Eid runs for three days. During that time, we usually gather, go out, and celebrate the end of Ramadan and the end of fasting. Those three days are like a prize for fasting a whole month :).


Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep at night. The good thing is unlike the past years, I had enough time to prepare before leaving my home. We usually gather at our grandparents’ houses and close relatives.

I left home at around 10 am headed towards my grandparents’ (my father’s) house. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic so my drive was smooth. I didn’t stay there for too long for I had to head for my second grandparents’ house (my mother’s side).

And since I could drink coffee, my sister and I headed to the nearest Starbucks. I had a regular latte. We stayed for a short while before returning home. Then we left again to have lunch in a restaurant called ‘Terrace Grill’. My eldest sister and I shared two dishes. Veal chops and grilled chicken with mac and cheese as a side order. The meal was absolutely delicious. From there I went back to my grandparents’ house and later went home to relax for the rest of the day.


Actually I didn’t relax completely for I still had few things to work on. I wrote a quick to-do list for my snapchat and instagram content. Also, I colored a sketch I finished few days back. I still don’t have confidence in my coloring skills which is why I tend to leave most of my sketches uncolored. This time I illustrated Bella Hadid in her red Versace dress. I did progress a little in coloring the dress but I need to work on the shading and highlights.


Instagram: anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

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