Small Efforts, and Step-by-Step Methods

Journal writing

Following my post on ‘Your Investments’, I decided to write this post and elaborate more on this subject.

Prioritizing your life goals is essential. Yet, if you have trouble creating a priority list, I recommend to take it step-by-step. It takes time to build the life you want to live, but it’s worth it. Start simply with simple goals that you can achieve before moving to bigger ones.

The leap we want to do in our lives is sometimes what sets us back.

Progress happens over time. At first results seem too slow. Later with time, if you keep practicing those habits of improving step by step, you’ll notice how results will positively change.

One important tool I’d like to share with you is writing. If you didn’t try it before, I highly suggest you do. I remember years ago, I used to write almost everything I did during the day. And it helped keep track of my daily activities. Especially with having a business to run, it’s important for me to organize everything from thoughts to financials. The moment I stop doing so, I feel confused and lost.

Have a simple journal with you and start writing the thoughts you have. Or ideas you’d like to do in the future. Start with simple thoughts and see how organized your life will be. And forget about fancy journals, highlighters, and markers. Instead, use a suitable notebook or journal and a pen. Later, when you get used to the habit of writing, you can decorate your journal the way you want. But don’t let it distract you from your purpose.

For your goals, approach them slowly. If you have big goals, divide them into smaller ones until they lead you to the bigger goal you want to achieve. That way, you can achieve the small goals one by one and be able to celebrate them too. Otherwise, if you think the other way around, you might face troubles with achieving the big goals you have.

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