Your Financials

Do you calculate your monthly/yearly financials?

Although I studied finance, but I wasn’t able to correctly do a full financial statement until last year. I was so determined to tackle my financials so I started approaching it months ago and I found good results.

When you have financial intelligence, you will be able to not only fulfill your needs, but also invest your money on things that are worth it in the long run. With your investment or saving you can help others achieve their dreams too. Investment doesn’t have to be personal. On the contrary, you can spend it helping others get the education they need. You can help small start ups to begin their businesses. There is no limitation to what you can do with your savings.

For business, calculations have to be a bit more accurate but you will eventually achieve that the more you spend time working on your numbers. It’s normal at the beginning that you stumble but you will understand everything later.

If you don’t know where to start from, always start with your expenses both fixed and variable. Draw a simple table where you first focus on your fixed costs then move to your variable costs. Also, make sure to place in any amount of debt you have. Do this for several months and everything will be automated.

Below I’ll mention few good resources for you:

  • There is a Japanese financial concept that which I came across while searching in the internet called ‘Kakeibo’. There are many life concepts in the Japanese culture which give you details as to how to live your life with happiness loving what you do like the ‘Ikigai’ concept. This is a concept regarding dealing with your financials and knowing how to save. I yet to read a book on Kakeibo so I will write a future post about it.
  • There is a book called ‘MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’ by Tony Robbins which you can read to know how to reach your financial freedom. At times you may get stuck with the concept of wanting more money to be happy and such, however, you will soon discover that freeing your mind from that idea alone will bring you the happiness you’re seeking.
  • There are more books on not only finance, but valuable books on abundance and living a better life. Especially when you own a business, at first you may know everything from handling it, to employing, and dealing with customers but soon you discover that there are more things you didn’t study. Dealing with people alone needs high social skills else you’ll end up struggling with them.
  • This is a website that I’ve been following for months that has valuable information: I love reading their materials often and they have resourceful books.


If you have more books, websites, accounts, or know people who have resourceful information, you can post in the comments below so I can add them in a future post.


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