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In a previous post, I wrote about investment. The ways of investing in different areas in your life. In this post, I’ll follow by writing about organizing and declutter your space.

We often overlook tiny details. Or, sometimes we overthink those tiny details. It all takes balancing between overlooking and overthinking. When you see some clutter piling up whether in your personal space or workplace, organize it immediately. Piling and ignoring them will create clutter with time. And when clutter forms, it sometimes takes a while before you can tidy and organize your space.

Why am I writing about this?

Because that’s what I’ve been doing in the past few months. For few years even before Corona, I was working almost nonstop. Sketches, designs, and files started to pile up. That’s when I decided to organize everything. It took time, but I feel much better. I am embracing the space that was created instead of the past clutter. And having space, means I can allow new things to come in the place of the old pile. Which is something amazing to look forward to!

Being and entrepreneur and artist, I sometimes work under a messy environment. Not because I’m untidy, but because I’m too indulged in the design and painting processes that I don’t think much about tidying my space. Only when I finish working on my project do I have enough time to tidy and clean up my space. That feels amazing and an achievement on its own.

So, if you have a clutter here and there, try this tidying and organizing method. Declutter repeatedly. And don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts about it!

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